Eighty percent (80%) of all commercial office buildings in the State of Florida overpay state sales tax.

This overpayment is due to the rare fact that the State of Florida charges state sales tax on commercial rents.

This dynamic creates a number of unusual and complicated accounting dynamics that lead to the duplication and subsequent over collection of Florida sales tax relative to how certain operating expenses are billed as rent.

One of our initial clients Holland & Knight assisted Wolf with the legal clarification regarding this situation and cleared the path for the Wolf sales tax recovery process.

To date, Wolf Expense Solutions has overseen the recovery and savings of over 45 million dollars of overpaid Florida state sales tax on behalf of clients such as Colliers, Nuveen, SunTrust, Flagler, USAA Realty, Hines, Stiles, Cushman-Wakefield, Parkway, and many others.

Once engaged, Wolf will assess your base rent and CAM charges to identify and recover any overpaid Florida state.

Our services are a contingency-based percentage of what we recover, which means No Recovery – No Charge.

Best of all, Wolf’s performance-based fees are an “allowable” operating expense, which means that ownership has ZERO COST incurred when implementing Wolf’s services.



The value of our abilities is underscored by the fact that a number of Wolf clients consist of a number of Florida’s top law firms and America’s premier financial institutions such as Holland & Knight, Greenberg Traurig, Akerman-Senterfit, SunTrust Bank, and Northern Trust Bank.

The above institutions have worked with Wolf and entrusted us to recover major dollars over the past twenty years.

It is a well-proven fact that our process is understood and approved by the Florida Department of Revenue as our 100% Success Rate speaks for itself.

Wolf’s team of commercial real estate accountants and sales tax professionals simply need to apply our proven expertise to the pertinent accounting information provided and when the Wolf process is complete, you will be provided a full accounting breakdown of all monies to be recovered implementing the methodology we have perfected over the years via our hundreds of successful interactions with the Florida Department of Revenue.

Engaging Wolf = FOUND MONEY!


FACT: Credits must be based on actual expenses – NEVER estimates.

FACT: The base rent and operating expense components must be “correctly” considered.

FACT: Items such as free rent, tenant defaults, over time AC, and Tax exempt must be properly evaluated.

FACT: Having the proper legal backup documentation on hand is critical when working with the FLDOR.

Our detailed work product includes all critical information:

EXPLANATION: Detailed explanation of critical and key Florida Statutes.

RECOVERY: Complete sales tax recovery calculation spreadsheets.

DIRECTIONS: Detailed instructions on precisely how to acquire your over paid sales tax.

LEDGER INSTRUCTIONS: Specific instructions on how post sales tax recovery and fees to your ledger.

TENANT LETTER: Sample letter outlining Wolf process and explaining sales tax recovery.

ACCURATE: We guarantee the accuracy of our calculations and that our work is backed by the FLDOR.

PROVEN: We assure that our calculations are in step with current FLDOR guidelines.

GUARANTEED: In case of audit, we are ready to answer any questions and defend the credits taken.


Wolf maintains a 100% Success Rate in recovering OVERPAID Florida Sales Tax.

We have recovered and saved our clients over 100 million dollars since 2001.

Department of Revenue Compliance:
Our procedure is fully in step with FLDOR procedures and requirements.We provide our clients with all relevant accounting files and legal documentation (Florida Statutes) to support all Wolf sales tax recovery calculations.

Guaranteed Process:
Wolf stands firmly behind its work product.

Work Product defense:
Should the Florida Department of Revenue have questions our experienced sales tax team will intervene on your behalf at no cost and resolve any issues regarding our work product.