Waste Audit

Waste disposal costs have increased significantly over the year.

Our team has accomplished major results in this arena.

Individual prices vary based on collection density, the proximity of pickup locations to trash drop-off facilities, and negotiation processes between haulers and municipalities. Some consumers see significant price differences from other locations even a few miles.

Waste is a complicated area when it comes to understanding what you are “actually” paying for relatively to what you “think” you are paying for.

Private companies set prices based on costs of disposal, transportation, wages, fuel, and insurance costs. Haulers who don’t own landfills or transfer stations have to pay to dispose of waste picked up around each county. This is a major component of a customer’s price. Haulers typically have to pay a fee on a per ton basis to dispose of waste in landfills or leave it at transfer stations.

These fees have the potential to slip under the radar and compound over time, resulting in unnecessary over-billing.