Cost Segregation

Cost segregation is a tax deferral strategy that can accelerate depreciation deductions
for real estate assets into the early years of ownership.

This depreciation strategy can provide major tax savings for shorter term hold property owners.

Our team can provide the necessary studies that serve to segregate the cost components of a building into
the proper asset classifications and recovery periods for federal and state income tax purposes.

Cost Segregation can be one of the most advantageous tax strategies available to property owners.

Accelerating depreciation can lead to the lowering of taxable income and taxes due.

The cost and ROI of a cost segregation study will vary depending on the size of the property,
building type, and other physical characteristics.

The investment of a cost segregation study can provide an exponential return in Federal and State tax savings.

As with all of services provided by Wolf, the cost our segregation studies is a percentage of our clients actual tax savings.